Travel and pray with Ummah Nearby Mosques

September 16, 2019 No Comments

Everyone loves traveling, but for Muslims, it can also be a challenge due to the lack of mosques or places to pray, or lack of information on where the nearest mosque is.

We all know the feeling of concern and exhaustion by asking many people and wandering for hours in the streets of a city to find a mosque to pray. It gets even more frustrating when we are pressured to see the city, do some work, pray or catch a bus, train or plane to get back home.

‘Nearby Mosques’ feature benefits:

  • It saves you from worries and pressure to pray in time
  • It saves you from wasting time and wandering in search of the nearest mosque
  • You do not need to ask anyone for the nearest mosque
  • Shows you the nearest mosque on the map from your current location
  • It displays a list of all the mosques in the city and beyond so that you can pray near the places you plan to visit

With the new feature of the Ummah app, you save yourself from the usual travel challenges. ‘Nearby Mosques’ enables you to quickly find the nearest mosque, pray and have time to enjoy the city, do business, and return home on time.

Perform your Salah wherever you are!

All you have to do is click on the ‘Nearby Mosques’ inside the feature pad, turn on the location on your phone and go to the nearest mosque that Ummah will find for you.

Pray, enjoy your journey and be grateful for Allah’’s blessings!