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We are passionate about providing unique content, connecting and empowering Muslims in one unique community that we call Ummah – your all-in-one Muslim Platform.

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A wonderful gem

 Welcome to a place where you’re not alone, where we feel your pain, and where we strive to help you. With the technology landscape changing moment-by-moment, we all need a little extra help.

We have something exciting to share with you…You’ve discovered a wonderful gem called Ummah – which is everything that a Muslim needs in one single platform. Ummah is built for YOU, with you in mind. After we founded Ummah, we realised there were lots of us who needed to get the most of it.

Trying to do good with a faith-based approach.

We are a genuine community of Muslims trying to do good with a faith-based approach. We are here to help you. Think about a personal virtual assistant, a friend, a shoulder to lean on, a teacher for the one that wants to learn, a reminder of our extraordinary religion, a guide on the right path, all in one place; bringing peace and prosperity…Ummah is a unique way to improve the akhirah.

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Become a better you

We keep you focused on things that matter as we help you on the journey to become a better YOU. We make sure you won’t be left behind as we remind you about the accurate prayer time, reading to the Ayahs of the Quran or find the right direction to pray. Just imagine connecting directly into the single most comprehensive and FREE Muslim platform that Ummah has built…  

Ummah is designed to give you all these and more!

You get involved in a loving community that truly cares for one another. You start learning how to align yourself spiritually, physically and socially as you push to become a better YOU.
Ummah is designed to give you all these and more!

Join 20,000 of your brothers and sisters!

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Already, we are the leading online Islamic community app, where you can buy and sell the halal way. But we didn’t get here with just products and services. Insh’Allah, let us also remind you of the beautiful, ideal Muslim religion and your Daily Prayers, as well as the sayings of our beloved Prophet, scriptures from the Quran, and so much more!


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This is the first of its kind as a Muslim app developed with the help of Allah, and it offers a diverse, energetic variety of content that will motivate and inspire. Receive notifications about new features, updates, and offers. It’s just for you. Don’t hesitate.