As-Salaam-Alaikum and welcome to the New Ummah Blog! An Interactive Digital Platform for Muslims!

October 24, 2018 No Comments

Welcome to the best interactive blog created for, and about Muslims.  We are excited to launch our new blog section, with hand-selected content showing the unique beauty of Islam in a truly creative way.  We feel this is a new concept that is long overdue.


Our blog is a place where we share articles, tips, tools and reminders that promote the beauty of Islam. However, one thing our blog will never contain is commercial content; it’s an Islamic community site dedicated to you. The idea is to spread the message we’re offering in the best and most efficient way possible to reach and interact with 100% pure halal content. Our blog will entertain you through a free interactive app, which thus enables Muslims to navigate daily with new, live content that appeals and engages Muslim audiences across the globe.

This new global Islamic identity connects all Muslims, irrespective of culture, language, geography, race or affluence. For today’s new generation of internet-connected young Muslims, the Ummah is very real, thanks to the ability to connect any time, any place, and following their voices, struggles and interactions faster than ever. Boundaries no longer exist, which allows Muslims to connect with others anywhere. News is relayed first-hand via social media, and most significantly, directly related to what Muslim demand in the world today.


The aim of our blog is to help you learn, share, collaborate and connect with others.   We will never comment, analyse or critique other’s people views. It’s all about the lifestyle, and the ability to stay centred every week, helping Muslims keep in touch with their faith by using the latest technology available for daily prayers, sayings from our beloved Prophet s.a.w.s., and reminders from the holy Quran. The goal is to showcase and promote the beauty of our religion. We wanted to create this blog as a go-to-resource for people to learn, connect and share with one another.


With these goals in mind, welcome to the Ummah Blog. We promise to entertain and motivate.  We promise to highlight the tools and apps that make Islam great. But mostly, we are all about the digitally connected community. Check us out. This is your own online resource.

Got any ideas or recommendations?  We would love to hear from you! Won’t you join us and try our new blog out?  

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Stay connected, stay updated.

Ummah Team

Ummah - Welcome to new Blog

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