Privacy Policy

[Last Updated September 2018]

Ummah Technologies Limited is highly devoted to protecting its users’ privacy.

By using our services and becoming part of our team, your personal data will be shared with us. For that reason, we will make sure you understand how data will be collected, know the people we share them with, as well as how you will be in control to change and update such data. Therefore, the idea purpose behind the Policy is to:

  1. Explain which data collects
  2. Explain how uses, manages and shares such data
  3. Explain what are the options at the user’s disposal


As you may know, offers its services likewise through its portable application or other online platforms, for example, its accomplices’ sites and internet based life. This Privacy Policy is appropriate to any information we gather about you or that you intentionally give to us through these stages or other associated instruments (for instance messages sent to our Team).
This Policy is given according to the EU Regulation on data protection (General Data Protection Regulation, found in “GDPR”).
By visiting our Website and the mobile app, you can accept and agree to the terms and conditions described in the Policy. If you do not accept the rules and regulations stated, you won’t be able to gain access and make use of the app or website.

Table of contents

  1. Data controller
  2. The kind of personal data collects
    1. Data you choose to provide to us
    2. Data we automatically collect when you use our services
    3. Personal data collected from other sources
  3. Use of data and processing legal framework
  4. Who we share data with
  5. Advertisement
  6. Data retention, account deactivation and cancellation
  7. User rights
  8. Minors
  9. Transfer of personal data
  10. Amendments to this Policy


  1. Data controller

For every personal data given to, the Data Controller shall be 3rd Floor 86-90, Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE (United Kingdom)
As for any other additional information, you can contact via the given e-mail address

  1. The kind of personal data collects

Listed below are the three types of data:

  1. The data you choose to fill in.
  2. Data that we automatically collect when using our services.
  3. The data given to us by third parties.

2.1. The Data you choose to fill in

When using our services, you don’t have to create an account to use some of the features, such as research and display of lyrics and translations. However, if you intend to create an account and be a part of our Community, you will have to provide some information, such as name, surname, e-mail address and a password you would like to use.
We will take all of the information on the contents that you share, such as the song lyrics you upload, the lyrics’ translations you make, and the comments you write when you join to be part of one of the threads on our Forum.
Based on your knowledge, we will be allowed to use the microphone for songs, immediate identification and lyrics’ synchronization.
And also, we will be allowed to access your music library to play your favourite songs and synchronize them with our lyrics.
Other details that we keep are those you choose to provide us when you call the customer service or communicate with us in any other form.

If you access our API (Application Programming Interface) or developers’ portal, we will process your personal information to help protect our services. You can update your data anytime by contacting us directly, as indicated in Privacy Policy.

Please remember that most of the activities are public, including information regarding your profile, language, the posts that you share on our Forum, the comments to posts of other members of the Community, the content and translations been uploaded, the date of uploads and your action on posts.
You are being held responsible for the information that you provide through our platform, and therefore, we want you to pay good attention to whatever that you make public!

2.2. Data we automatically collect when you use our services

Data on devices and how they are used: We collect data on computers or other devices on which you set up an account on our services or through which you access such services, based on the authorisations that you provided. We can additionally partner the information that we accumulate from your devices, so as to supply coherent services on the distinct gadgets used. Here are some examples of the detail information we gather regarding devices:

  • IP address.
  • Date and time of access on the website.
  • Hardware, software or browser details you use and the information on your computer’s operating system and application version.
  • Language settings.
  • Information on your clicks and pages shown to you.

If you use a mobile device, we then gather information figuring out your gadgets and the mobile’s settings and features (ID for advertisements and device’s unique token).


Data collected through cookies and similar technologies: We use cookies and similar technologies (such as web beacon, web archives and device unique identifiers) to acquire information on your activity, browser and device.
Most browsers are been set to accept cookies by default. However, you can change your browser and device settings. Please keep in mind that the removal of some cookies might affect the normal functioning of some of the features on our services.
When a browser or device allows it, we use temporary and persistent cookies to better understand how you interact with the services and to customize and use the services in quite a number  of ways, for example to ensure your account’s protection or save your language preferences.
We may use such technologies additionally to gather facts when you engage with our partners’ services, for example in relation to commercial and advertising services.
For more information on how we use cookies and on your settings, please refer to our Cookie Policy. For additional information on the use of such technologies in our services from third parties, please refer to the Advertisement section within the Policy.

2.3. Personal data collected from other sources

Social media: approves the use of social media websites to create an account, as well as to share information with social media websites. Such social media will give us automatic access to some personal data saved by you (for example, contents viewed by the user, contents you like and information on the advertisements that have been shown to you, or that you clicked on etc.). Moreover, by way of logging in via your Facebook or Google account and based on your privacy settings on such social media, your profile image will automatically become the profile picture of your account. will not save, copy or scan such photo.
We also inform you that by synchronizing an account run by a social media website to your account and authorizing us to get right entry to such information, then you have accepted that we can collect, use and save the information provided by these social media websites in pursuant to the Policy.
We also might use plug-ins or different technologies from a number of social media websites. If you click on a connection provided via a social media plug-in, a connection with the relevant social media is routinely established.


External providers: We matter so much on external providers to take care of payments, for example when you buy a service or subscribe to In such case, service providers share with some payment information to help us manage them and make sure you receive a service compliant with the Terms and conditions of use.

Websites and apps that use our services: can additionally accumulate facts in the course of the user’s visit to a website powered by any other company on behalf of, through automatic tools for facts collection such as Web beacon, cookies and embedded web links. Those tools acquire widespread facts on the web traffic, which the browser sends to website, the browser’s type and language, time of entry and the internet address from which website was accessed. They can also accumulate facts on the IP address, unique identification of the device used, clickstream behaviour (that is pages visited, links opened and other activities of the user on “powered by” websites) and products. can additionally as well use some of those automatic tools for information gathering via e-mails and communications from, accumulating facts when the user opens a message or clicks on a link in the message. For more information, please read our Cookie policy.

  1. Use of data and processing legal framework processes the information collected specially for the following reasons:

  • To manage its activity and provide improved and personalised products.
  • Send communications, including commercial communications.
  • To allow the show of classified ads on the webpages and the apps downloaded for free by the user.

In particular, the user’s information will be processed for the following reasons:

  1. To develop and improve our services to make sure the content is displayed in the most fantastic way for the user and any useful applicable device.
    Such processing is based totally on our professional interest that is presenting the user with important contents.
  2. Allow the user to take part in the Community’s features presented by our services (develop contents, post comments, share topics).
    Such processing is needed for the fulfilment of our contractual obligations and is carried out with the user’s consent.
  3. To enable the personalisation of a user’s profile.
    Such processing is carried out with the user’s consent.
  4. Fulfil our obligations pursuant to any agreement been entered into with the user and provide the information and services requested by the user.
    Such processing is based on the fulfilment of our contractual duties.
  5. To inform the user of any change in our services
    Such processing is carried out to ensure compliance with our legal obligations and to ensure the exercising and defence of rights
  6. Send pursuant to the applicable laws and, when required with the user’s consent, promotions and advice on our services, which the user might be interested in.
    Such processing is based totally on our reputable interest (that is presenting the user with enormous advertisement) and/or the user’s consent.
  7. Enhance the services and their usage as well as to recognize the effectiveness of the classified ads that we promote to users through series of information by the means of cookies and similar technologies.
    Such processing is based on our professional interest (that is the optimization of our advertising and marketing campaigns’ efficiency) and/or the prior consent of the user.
  8. Ensure compliance with any applicable law, the General terms and conditions and personal data protection regulations
    Such processing is required to comply with our contractual responsibilities and for the purposes of our legitimate interests, such as for administrative or legal purposes or for fraud detection purposes.

The user’s information will be lawfully and properly processed, adopting all necessary safety measures in order to prevent unauthorized access, distribution, changes, or elimination of information. The processing is carried out via informatics and/or telematics tools, with organisational preparations and logics that are strictly associated to the mentioned purposes. In addition to the Data Controller, in some cases different authorized subjects involved in the organisation and management of the service provided by (administrative personnel, system administrators etc.) or external subjects (as better described here below), might have gain entry  to data.


  1. Who we share data with

As you may know, some of the information that are part of you are public but you can make your account “private”. This implies that the contents you embed will be visible to you but you won’t be recognized by the Community. Keep in mind: that does not relieve you of the obligations related with an ill-advised utilization of our services!

We could likewise share information that are part of you with third parties such as service providers, business accomplices and sponsors, however, at times you will have the chance to voice out your opinion, for example, as to the Advertisements you see.

By method for instance, the information the Community will be able to see if you don’t pick the private mode are:

  • Your name, user name and profile pictures.
  • The lyrics and translations you upload, your favourite lyrics, your interactions with the Community.
  • Your comments in the Forum.

The third parties that we might share your information with are:

  • Services providers who carry out services on our behalf and business accomplices who supply services and features. Third party’s companies are bound by confidentiality agreements and don’t have the approval to make use of your information for other purposes than those conveyed by
  • Competent Authorities. In order to ensure compliance with any applicable laws, in the event of assessed breaches of contractual provisions with us, to ensure the rights, properties and wellbeing of our organisation, our users or other parties, as well as to recognize and take care of security issues.
  • Third parties within a merger or acquisition. Should be associated with a merger, asset sale, financing, winding up or bankruptcy procedure or purchase of all or part of its activities by another organisation, we could share information that are part of you with such organisation when the exchange’s end.

We could likewise share with third parties, for example, advertisers, total information which are non-personally identifiable or made unknown. For more information on data collected by third parties within our services, please refer to the “Advertisement” section.

  1. Advertisement

For us to have the capacity to give a free service, we could enable different organisation to use cookies, web beacon and similar technologies within our Services. Such organisations could gather information on the conditions of use of our services over time and join them with equivalent information acquired from other services and organisations. Such information could be utilized, in addition to other things, to analyse and track information, determine the popularity of certain contents or better comprehend your online exercises.
Such parties can incorporate their own Web beacon or Web beacon owned by third parties in classified ads imagined by so as to set and read their cookies, they can save cookies in the user’s gadget and additionally gather the user’s online activities in connection to websites and online services.
By method for instance, such organisations are: AppNexus, Criteo, Oath and Mopub.
The use of organisations that are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) or of other comparable organisations agreeable with the NAI Code of conduct shall be preferred. It is possible to access to quit page managed by NAI by clicking on the following link: Please keep in mind that the quit option won’t stop you from seeing ads. In any case, the ads offered by such organisations won’t be focused based on your web inclinations any longer.
For more information, please read our Cookie policy.
At the point when contains links to third-party contents, apps, services and/or ads, we are not responsible for the privacy policy or any issue connecting to such products, promotions or ads of third parties, including the duty to control the individual information that it is conceivable to give respect to those products, promotions or ads. We invite you to read the privacy policies of all third-party websites you visit.


  1. Data retention, account deactivation and cancellation stores information until it is important to give its services or until the account is erased. The information retention period changes on the basis of conditions, such as: data nature, reason for collection and processing and relevant legal requirements.
In any occasion, the criteria used to determine the information retention period are based upon compliance with the terms allowed by any applicable laws and the standards of processing minimisation and rational management of the archives.
When you erase your account, we take out all information that are part of you including public information and you won’t have the capacity to recover these information.
We will only keep information that are important to comply with legal obligations and for a period not longer than that required for such compliance.

  1. User rights

The user can practice at any moment the rights set out in article 7 of the Privacy Code and in articles 15 and following of the GDPR, including the including the privilege to get affirmation of the presence of individual information that are part of him, to assess their content, accuracy, location (likewise with reference to any third Country), to request for a copy of such information, to request for the integration, update, rectification and, when permitted by the applicable law, the limitation, cancellation, transformation in an unknown form or block for law infringement.
The user can likewise get in touch with us if he believes that has no privilege to use certain information in the event that he has questions on how his information are prepared or on the Policy.
Solicitations shall be addressed in writing to the Data Controller to the address set forth in paragraph 1 of the Policy.
In any occasion the user has always the privilege to lodge an objection with the competent Authority for the Protection of Personal Data if he believes that the handling of his information is carried out in breach of the applicable law.

  1. Minors

The Services are not routed to individuals younger than 13. This clarifies why we don’t deliberately gather individual information from subjects younger than 13.
On the off chance that you are under 13 years of age, don’t use On the off chance that you are a parent or the gatekeeper of a man younger than 13, kindly don’t enable such individual to use


  1. Transfer of personal data imparts information at a global level to its accomplices and with the people that sign-in and share contents all over the world.
The information controlled by could be transferred, transmitted or stored likewise outside of the EEA, however, in the case of information transfers, uses standard Contractual provisions endorsed by the European Commission and in view of sufficiency choices of the European Commission in connection to a few Countries, contingent upon the cases, for the transfer of information from the EEA to the United States and different Countries.

  1. Amendments to this Policy

We may alter this Policy from time to time. In such occasion, we will inform you of the changes by updating the date on the top of the Policy, available on our website and in the mobile app, or by sending you additional notifications (for instance, we could send you a notification or include an announcement on the homepages of the websites).