Muslims Discover New Way To Celebrate Ramadan 2019 Through Mobile App called Ummah

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There are several Muslim mobile apps out there that Muslims can use to make the most out of Ramadan this year.  Each app may be thorough in providing a single service for our brothers, but there is no all-in-one platform, despite the fact that the number of Muslim-dedicated apps is growing every month.  But now you have the choice of selecting one app that does it all, and its name is Ummah.

Introducing: Ummah – the amazing new mobile app.  It’s a new way to celebrate Ramadan, and it is designed by Muslims for Muslims! It is your first choice for a comprehensive and accurate site for all rituals.

How is Ummah planning to make your 2019 Ramadan the best?

The Quran says: “You [Muslims] are the best nation brought out for Mankind, commanding what is righteous and forbidding what is wrong.”  [3:110]. The mission of Ummah is built around this powerful verse of the Quran.

Ummah wants to motivate our Muslim brothers and sisters by helping them grow in their faith, impact their community and meet all their needs within one platform. Their objective is to share the real compassionate messages of Islam in helping people find the beauty of this religion.


The word Ummah means a united community, bound by the teachings of Islam for Ramadan 2019 and afterwards. The logo represents the meaning of the word. The letter ‘U’ goes perfectly with the hidden messages; a shopping bag and an infinite connection.  The idea is to draw our brothers and sisters close and united based on the wisdom of halal.


Ummah is your solution!

Everyone is aware of the value of every moment dedicated to Islam, especially in the month of Ramadan Kareem. In order to make the most of this precious time you need to organize your faith activities during this month so you don’t miss out on any important worship such as Salah and prayers. The Ummah Platform aims to help you by bringing you all your needs in one single app. In fact, Ummah aims to solve these, and other needs during and after Ramadan.


Prayer Times and Qiblah Direction

Looking forward, you won’t have to worry about getting notifications for your Ramadan prayer times because the Ummah app has a precise notification system that will let you know about your prayer time, based on your location. Additionally, Ummah will let you know the direction of Qiblah with an attractive and user-friendly app page that is very simple to follow.  Ummah uses augmented reality to help you always turn in the Qibla direction.

Notification with Ayahs, Hadiths, and Scholarly Sayings… and share them with #halalcard

Ramadan Kareem is a spiritual month. Ummah will refresh your heart and mind with verses from the Quran, noble sayings of the Prophet (p.b.u.h), and advice from eminent scholars on how to deal with your everyday hardships.  Ummah will provide to you encouragement for doing good deeds and how to avoid bad thoughts. You will also have the chance to share these sayings with your own customized design through #halalcard feature, including a picture, filter, and font. Your friends will appreciate it!



The Halal Shop (Your halal marketplace. Worldwide. Coming soon)!

Ummah will allow you to buy, sell or share your items the Halal way for Ramadan. Our global unified community will provide items for sale or trade from other brothers and sisters.  No issues, no complications. The logo represents everything that you can do inside the app. A hidden message is the shopping bag which indicates that inside the app there is a halal shopping place.


Socialise with Ummah!

You can socialise with Ummah on social media, including Facebook, and Instagram, where you will have the opportunity to follow your activity with daily content on the life of the Prophet, prophetic medicine, advice for spiritual awakening and productivity, and many other topics. Additionally, you will have the chance to get informed on the features they intend to add through the Ummah app before this year’s Ramadan festivities.


Enough said.  Come review Ummah new mobile app for Ramadan 2019 and see for yourself.  You will quickly appreciate all it has to offer and return often to learn more.

Get Ummah for FREE, now available on iOS and Android.


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