Announcing the Most Amazing Mobile App Muslims Will Ever Need!

Introducing Ummah, a one-of-a-kind, exciting Muslim mobile application created by Muslims for our brothers and sisters. At Ummah, you can share, buy or sell the halal way and connect with other Muslims from around the world!
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Created By Muslims for Muslims

We developed Ummah with a true love for the Muslim brotherhood, page by page, pixel by pixel, and with a single vision of immersing you in the Muslim lifestyle, of halal.

United in Halal Forever and In Everything We Do

Immersing you in the waters of the world of Halal will help you stay motivated and centered in Islam through food, content, brotherhood, prayer, motivational writing, and so much more.

One Ummah
One App

We motivate our Muslim brothers by helping them grow in their faith, impacting their community and meeting all their needs from one platform.

Ad-Free with Muslim

Ummah has one goal in mind: with the help of halal, create an app that brings the brotherhood together with messages and Muslim products ad-free!

Everyday Muslim needs

We are a Muslim online community dedicated to keeping you centered in Islam every hour of every day. We provide goods for sale and devotional, inspired content. Ummah is your digital, online assistant. We understand fully that faith and modern concepts work together.

Buy & Sell Halal

Ummah allows you to buy, sell or share your items on the Halal way. Our global brotherhood provides items from other brothers and sisters and offers them for others. No issues, no complications.

Buy and sell halal

Already, Our Muslim Community loves Ummah

– Just see what they’re saying!
These are just a few of the reviews we have received already, taken from the App Store and our Google Play store account.
Adnan NawazFrom Play Store

“Really impressed by UI... Absolutely simple and great to use”

zmohiuddinFrom App Store

“Love how clean this app is. Simple to use and beautifully designed.”

Dardan MexhuaniFrom Play Store

“An excellent idea. This is a muslims must have when it comes to apps. ”

NoahFrom App Store

“It’s an awesome app, everything runs smooth and fast I love it”

Bajrami ArmendFrom Play Store

“Advantageous, attractive and comprehensive 👌”

Join 20,000 of your brothers and sisters!

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Already, we are the leading online Islamic community app, where you can buy and sell the halal way. But we didn’t get here with just products and services. Insh’Allah, let us also remind you of the beautiful, ideal Muslim religion and your Daily Prayers, as well as the sayings of our beloved Prophet, scriptures from the Quran, and so much more!


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Let’s Stay in Touch.

This is the first of its kind as a Muslim app developed with the help of Allah, and it offers a diverse, energetic variety of content that will motivate and inspire. Receive notifications about new features, updates, and offers. It’s just for you. Don’t hesitate.