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1 Android Engineer
Closed (May '19)
2 iOS Engineers
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1 Android Engineer
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Who we are & who we want to be

A few things you should know about Ummah

We’re all in this together
We’re all different. We’re all equal. We build bridges, not walls. We have bad days. We make mistakes, and learn from them. It’s okay. We forgive ourselves and others.
Nothing is someone else’s problem
We pick up the trash we didn’t put down. Not everything is about us, and we succeed when people around us succeed. We want to stay small, no matter how big we get.
Be raw
We are open, vulnerable, and straight to the point. We’re nice, but we’re not nice just to be nice. We say what we think, and think what we say.
Bring the sweetness
We want to exceed expectations. Be the best at everything we do. Our standards are very high, and we work very hard to live up to them.
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